Paper Sessions by OCB – Music Expanded – presents:

Tomi Agapè


Tomi Agapè

Noah Slee

The Berlin-based R&B soul singer sensation


Today’s most seductive voice of French R&B


The self-produced Spanish hip-hop rapper, live from the Canary Islands


Breathtaking soul voice straight from the UK

Greentea Peng

The voice of Psychedelic R&B with a very British DNA


French urban rhymes and live tunes from the dunes

Benny Sings

Fresh guitar chords and riffs for chilling out


Swiss R&B pop with Spanish roots


Buoyant Japanese indie-pop


Ideal midsummer party soundtrack


Fearless sound inspired by mid-'90s post-rock

Caroline Rose

An artist with many faces and indie pop running through her veins

Marika Hackman

Melancholy spirited alternative folk from the South of England

Mammal Hands

Jazz, north Indian, folk and classical music that draws on the spiritual


Nashville’s most brilliant 90’s band

Kadhja Bonet

Psychedelic soul amalgamating folk, jazz and soul

The Drums

Saviors of the surfer indie-rock scene

Bad Gyal

Hip songs from the latin urban scene

Paper Sessions by OCB
Music Expanded!

Paper sessions by OCB is a project about musical freedom and diversity. A platform to discover musicians and explore music as an endlessly eclectic arena. Every month a new session with a new artist is launched, adding to the richness of genres and curated talent on offer. 

These sessions are filmed in all kinds of locations, from forests to abandoned factories, and  are always represented by the unifying symbol, the monolith, the epicentre of knowledge and music. 

The project is spread via its own social media and web platforms: web, Instagram, Youtube, Facebook and TikTok, in order to engage with a wide and multicultural audience. 

Discover incredible artists like Jimothy Lacoste, GreenTea Peng, Jäde, Aleesha, Benny Sings and many more. Listen up, and feel your world expand.  



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